Facebook Questions: polls with friends and fans

With Facebook Questions you can make polls and get answers from your friends or page likers. You can comment, vote, share, and follow questions.

Facebook Questions: polls with friends and fans

Facebook Questions is the new Question&Answer system made by Facebook on the wave of other Q&A sites as Quora and Yahoo! Answers. Questions is still in a testing stage and only available in English, but it seems it will be soon adopted all over the world.

What's more common than asking your friend about a good place to eat or what's the best best movie around this weekend? We always ask our friends and family for some advice, so why not doing the same on Facebook? And maybe let Pages do the same with their likers!

Facebook Questions is a bit different from Quora and other Q&A sites:
-Questions doesn't consists of open questions, it's structured as multiple-choice questions;
-questions and asnwers aren't indexed or catalogued; nevertheless it's possible to 'follow' a question.

Furthermore, Questions isn't a third-party application: it's a Facebook new feature, which means you don't have to accept any access to basic information. Just a simple click, and you're ready to use it, your basic information remain within Facebook.

Facebook Questions is available for users and pages, then it can be very helpful not only to boost conversations and interactions, but also to find out what people like and what are their opinions in a very direct way.

Questions are basically polls that other users can comment, vote, like, share, and follow. when you ask a question, it is shared in News Feed so that your friends can see it (or also your friends' friends, depending on your privacy settings). If your friends answer or follow that question, it will be shared with their friends and so on. Let's say you truly care about your friend Paul's opinion about that question: you can invite him (and others as well) to the question, he will be notified about it.

You can choose to attach your answers to the question you asked, or let others add them, and vote them, according to what you want to achieve. You can also add any existent Facebook Page as an answer, but it isn't clear if and how this may effect that Page: more likes? Tags? Notifications?

What should I use Facebook Questions for?

  • simple entertainment, discuss with your friends about any possible topic
  • ask about users' opinion about products and services (ex: which new technology you wish you could have on your new pc?)
  • develop new ideas and contents that may come useful for marketing campaigns
  • gather important business data as a marketing research.

To sum up, Facebook Questions is a nice feature that can be very interesting for both marketing and everyday use. What do you think about it? Wanna ask something to your friends?