Bacula courses

The Bacula training aims to give a complete know-how on software's backup functions to prevent errors and damages for any kind of activities.



What's bacula?

Bacula is a powerful Backup Network system that helps you to centralize backups onto a backup server, generally a dedicated machine provided with fast discs and data storage units such as DAT.


Free and efficient

In this domain proprietary softwares have expensive licenses, Bacula on the other hand is free and provided with all the backup and restore administration criteria that are specific for high level solutions. Also they are usable through a simple graphic management interface.



Bacula provides agent for every operative system: it is therefore possible to implement with Bacula a backup concentrator for the whole company with an effective money saving.


A constant support

The users and developers group supporting Bacula gives a constant support and quickly solves any bugs users bump into.



Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)-logo.png "Bacula provides company functionalities without the costs and licenses generally required by proprietary softwares. It is very solid and it saved us many times from data loss due to hard drive malfunctioning and crash during updates. I don't use any system without Bacula support", Frank Sweetser, Worcester Polytechnic Institut.


To know


All training courses are held in Italian, we organize English courses on demand.

Do you need more?

If you didn't find the best training solution for your needs, you can ask for a customized training program, tailored on your own personal background.