OpenOffice courses

OpenOffice courses are ideal to companies and professionists that want to cut down softwares license's costs and improve their productivity.



Free and operative (OOo) is an Open Source office suite that provides the same functionalities as Microsoft Office®, but without license's costs. Also, file produced by OOo have smaller dimension than files from proprietary softwares.



OpenOffice suite includes word processing programs, spreadsheets,  databases, presentations, Macro recording, inport-export in PDF, Adobe Flash, DocBook XML, Microsoft Office®, SVG and native management of ODF.



With OOo it is possible to read/write your files using other formats valid also for Microsoft Office®; you can export your files in PDF, Macromedia Flash and LaTeX code formats and connect OOo with another database.



OOo can run on different operative systems (Linux, Microsoft Windows®, Solaris, Mac OS X and others) and therefore it can read and write the same files in different environments.



"This software is very powerful. I no longer use Microsoft Word®. Everybody talks about OpenOffice as the best Microsoft Office® alternative, but in my opinion it is indeed much more better. I'm a writer and I'd be willing to even pay $100 just for a word processor", Eric, user.

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All training courses are held in Italian, we organize English courses on demand.

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