PHP is a scripting server-side Open Source language to realize dynamic web sites. It is flexible, fast, easy-to-learn and it can connect to a database.

Corso PHP - Il programma

  1. Introduction to the language

    • What's PHP

    • Installing PHP

  1. Language basic sintax

    • Realizing a PHP script

    • Costants and variables

    • Data type

    • Operators

    • File inclusion

  1. Controll and selection structures

    • Construction if, if-else, if-elseif-else

    • Selection structures (switch, break, exit)

    • Counting cicles

    • While, do... while cicles

  1. Array

    • Definition

    • Numerical and associative indexes

    • Monodimensional and multidimensional arrays

    • Using arrays with cicles

  1. Functions

    • What is a function

    • Declaring a function

    • Passing paramaters to a function

    • Function call

    • Predefined functions in PHP

    • Hints on the concept of recursion

  1. Strings

    • Use example

    • String functions

    • Date and tiem functions

    • Hints on regular expressions

  1. Uso dei file con PHP

    • File reading, writing and deleting

    • File privileges

  1. Uso di form con PHP

    • Creating a form with PHP

    • Methods: GET and POST

    • Handling information from a form

    • Security problems

  1. Cookies management

    • Writing and reading Cookies

    • Practical use

  1. PHP and Database

    • Creating a MySQL connection

    • Database requesting

  1. PHP authentication

    • Session management

    • Practical use

  1. Variables

    • Environment variables

    • Apache variables

    • PHP variables

  1. Object oriented programming

    • Object oriented programming theory

    • Object oriented programming and PHP

  1. Security

    • Code security

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