Python courses

Python training aims to professionalise and provide know-how on network services and applications development, up to client side programming.



What's Python?

Python is an Open Source script language that is very popular inside the Linux community. It has a simple and clear sintax and it is the perfect choice for scientific applications as data analysis, graphs, simulations. It is also used by Google's serach engine.



One of its main advantages is the portability: as it is written in ANSI C it is possible to write a Python interpreter for different platforms. It can be integrated in Apache, in C and C++, in Java.


Fast and clear

Python is fast as it is an interpreted language that compiles its own code in a very efficient bytecode. The Python sintax is clear and concise, deprived of redundant declarations. All these features garantee a faster learning and a easier code interpretation.


A constant support

Python is an open source project with a strong developers community and years of history at its back. The big users' and developers' group supporting Python provides a constant assistance, high speed problem solving (bug) and frequent updates.



"Python has always been an important part of Google system and it still is with its growth an evolution during time. Today dozens of engeneers working for Google use Python; we are looking for other human resources with specific skills on this technology", Peter Norvig,  research quality director  Google, Inc.


To know


All training courses are held in Italian, we organize English courses on demand.

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