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How to use Plone for schools?

by Alice Narduzzo last modified 2010-02-12 14:34

"Plone 3 for Education", Erik Rose - December 2009, Packt Publishing. Review by Maurizio Lupo, Python programmer.

This book fits in the "cookbooks" category: it explains a real use case of Plone, in details, it explain how to creat, configure, manage a scholastic institute web portal.

It presents and illustrate some of the best and useful add-on products (collective.flowplayer, plone4artists calendar, Ploneboard, PloneFormGen etc.) that you will find to be useful to meet the main needs when designing a website for a school or for educational purposes.

The last two chapters complete the main argument explaining theming (for in-deepth information I suggest "Plone 3 theming" - Veda Williams - Packt Publishing) and deployment.

The book is extremely updated under the "best practices" point of view (buildout, add-on products integration).

Globally, a useful reading, but I would suggest, for the beginners to read it together with a Plone basic guide and, for more complex needs, with a developer guide (for example "Professional Plone Development" - Martin Aspeli - Packt Publishing).

Happy reading!